Hawk Dance Theatre present our first full length work; (we)SINK.

(we)SINK is a dance performance exploring climate change and human psychology. Inspired by psychological mechanisms that make humans disengage from climate change challenges, this work, choreographed by Josh Hawkins, explores feelings of; distance, doom, dissonance, denial and identity in response to our changing climate. This captivating duet questions whether these defence barriers can be broken and if we will ever truly connect to this topical issue. Using live image projection on stage, this multi-disciplinary performance takes audiences on an emotive journey. 

(we)SINK received initial funding support from Arts Council England in 2015 and since then has receiving a further grant to support its development and early tour. 

With thanks to: Arts Council England, The Brewery Arts Centre & Ludus Dance.

“The work has a beautiful way of communicating universal issues with clarity and maturity within a dance language that is unique and true to Josh.”

 – Gary Clarke, (we)SINK Choreographic Mentor

Performed at:

  • Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal
  • Lancaster First Fridays
  • Media Factory, Preston
  • Blue Elephant Theatre, London
  • Walker Institute, Reading
  • University of Salford, Manchester 

Mentor: Gary Clarke
Lighting Design: Steve Parnaby
Performed: Emmie Coxey & Freya Thomas

Photography: Danilo Moroni

Film: Matthew Wood, Tom Read, Karlo Hine
Edit: Josh Hawkins

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