Hawk Dance Theatre present an outdoor duet!

A MOMENT of connection between two male performers exploring a meeting, an encounter and a departure. Delicate and dynamic, A MOMENT is Hawk Dance Theatre’s newest duet performance made specifically for outdoor and festival touring. 


Choreographed by: Josh Hawkins & the dancers 

Original composition by: Lee Affen

Performed by: Jack Hilton & Josh Wild

Duration: 12 mins

Commissioned by: Northern School, CYDNN, Brewery Arts Centre, Waterside Arts and The University of Salford (2020)


  • Contemporary dance performance
  • Accessible and appropriate for all ages
  • 3 x 12 minute shows per day
  • Suitable for outdoor, as well as indoor, performances
  • No specific floor or space required. Works in a variety of settings.
  • Tour team of 3 (2 performers and 1 company manager)
  • Available for worldwide touring 2022
  • Linked workshop package available 


Booking enquiries: 

Josh Hawkins – josh@hawkdancetheatre.com 

Available for touring: 


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