Briggsyproduces & Hawk Dance Theatre get HandsON with men and mental health, with an honest and intimate outdoor performance experience. 

Developed for up to 30 people, this audiovisual dance theatre work invites audiences into an immersive world that sees them become active observers of someone else's inner workings. Connecting to people across outdoor and public spaces, the piece explores what it means to live in today’s society, and why, in British culture, we are still discouraged from showing raw emotion publicly. 

Experienced via wireless headsets set to an original sound score by composer Lee Affen, watch as three male performers bear witness to the things that aren’t usually said out loud.

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Through a series of consultation sessions in various locations around the North West, a range of men were engaged in conversations centred on their mental health & awareness of current issues. After connecting with these men, their thoughts and feelings we’re used in the creative process and directly affected the trajectory of the work.

Through college workshops we were able to ‘road test’ a performance and workshop package with groups of young people aged 15-18, working creatively with the young participants to explore themes of the piece,experiment with the technology and gain valuable feedback. With the groups of open and honest young people, we learnt how important and relevant this work is within this age group.

We shared the piece at 4 venues over the course of the project; The University of Salford, Yorkshire Dance, HOME MCR and Z-Arts. At each of these events we endeavoured to reach a high number of audience members and exceeded our expectations with full capacity audiences at the majority of showings.

We made contact with a range of industry professionals in order to receive their critical feedback and make useful connections to grow the work in the future phases.

After making contact with diverse audiences it became clear how important this show is, with mental health awareness being key in today’s society. People were so willing to speak with us, engage with the work and open to share their reflections, thoughts and feelings.


Developing in early 2019.

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