Join Hawk Dance Theatre & The Knotted Project on our magical chalky adventure for 3-8 year olds!

The Chit Chat Chalk Show follows Kiko, a confused young girl, struggling to understand how she feels about the strange new world she lives in. With the help of her quirky new friends, she embarks upon a quest to discover the mixture of emotions & colours that make her unique! Anger, jealousy, happiness & many more emotions, join our wonderful characters discovering them all!

The Chit Chat Chalk Show is charming, physical & packed with interaction for children aged 3-8 years & their families. Sitting amongst the set & performers, the children in the audience play an essential part in helping Kiko on her journey.

With a cast of skilled performers, the story dances, draws & giggles its way through from beginning to end. The Chit Chat Chalk Show is sure to put a smile on faces, young & old!

Don’t forget, this interactive show could get a little bit chalky, so please wear suitable clothing!

TOURING VENUES SPRING 2018 (January – March) More details here!

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"The Chit Chat Chalk Show takes you on an adventure with Kiko and her new found friends to try and discover Kiko’s emotions. Every child (and parent!) has had that frustrating moment when you don’t know how to express how your feelings. Kiko is struggling to understand the strange new home she’s found herself in. In a collaboration between Hawk Dance Theatre and The Knotted Project, 5 fabulous dancers help each other discover and explore our emotions. Through colour, pictures, dance, music and magical lighting the dancers help you experience the voyage through love, jealousy, sadness, scared, anger and happiness." –5 star review from

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