Hawk Dance Theatre is a dance company based in the UK that creates, explores and inspires audiences by offering work that is engaging and accessible. Directed by Josh Hawkins, HDT develops visually dynamic and powerful productions for various platforms – theatres, festivals and digitally.

Founded in 2015, Hawk Dance Theatre have been on a mission to develop a range of exciting dance projects over the past few years, engaging with as many audiences and participants along the way! HDT creates physical and dynamic contemporary dance work for conventional and unconventional spaces. Supported as Artists in Residence at The University of Salford since 2016, the company are currently working on a variety of creative projects, including; ‘The Chit Chat Chalk Show’, which has recently completed it’s first national tour, and ‘HandsON’.

Hawk Dance Theatre have recently won an award for ‘Best Experimental Short’ at the 2017 London City Film Awards for their Random Act’s film ‘The Blackest Day’ (which was broadcast on Channel 4 TV platform in 2016). Over the past few months, the company have received support from Random Act’s Centre North to commission 2 new short film series.

Our aim is to create exciting, accessible, engaging, thought provoking and, most of all, inspiring work that can connect with audiences from all backgrounds. HDT are committed to creating and touring high quality professional and original productions to audiences nationally and internationally. 


Hawk Dance Theatre are proud to be supported by Arts Council England's Grants for the Arts Lottery Funding on a range of our projects. In the past 2 years we have received 5 Grants for the Arts awards to support the research, development and creation of (we)SINK, Fish TankThe Chit Chat Chalk Show and HandsON.

Hawk Dance Theatre are currently working in partnership with Spin Arts.

"Josh is an exceptional and talented young artist and I highly suspect will be one to watch for the future" - James Mackenzie-Blackman, Executive Director of New Adventures.


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Photo credit: Danilo Moroni / Josh Hawkins

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